New Nature, #Iceberg

In 2023, the Boston Consulting Group moves its Parisian headquarters to the historical Peugeot building avenue de la Grande Armée, transformed by architect Baumschlager Eberle.

After a selection round with the partners, Untitled Consulting installed 2 new artworks commissioned to young French artists of the emerging art scene, highlighting notions of innovation and sustainability.

In the ground floor lobby, the monumental sculpture NEW NATURE, #ICEBERG by Mathieu Merlet Briand appears like a semi-fictive, digital iceberg. It is made of a tinted wood structure and 7 recycled Plexiglass panels, printed with recycled internet images and data info.

For the artist, internet and the permanent flow of digital information we live in, are now an everyday environment: a “new nature”. The sculpture also reminds the climate emergency and the risk of a future with no iceberg.

Born in 1990, Mathieu Merlet Briand graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (Paris) in 2013, followed by a Research cycle at EnsadLab. He exhibited at the Thaïland Biennial (Korat, 2021), Contemporary Art Platform in Kuweit (2017), Fondation Fiminco in Paris (2021) among others, and produced permanent installations in a technology school in Alès (France) and for several private collections.

His work is influenced by the history of abstraction, and related to the Digital Cultures

Artist_ Mathieu Merlet Briand

Engineering study_ Poiema Paris